Best Italian Food Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is replete with options for dining and this makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. People roam here on streets for days to get that local touch in taste. Those who love Italian, look for food outside Italy carrying an authentic flavour. Therefore, the native chefs who are trained at Italian restaurants, come with a signature style of their own in Italian - Singaporean cooking to please the local palate.

Offers to Please Your Palate
The region is full of such places where pizzas and pastas can be enjoyed in a luxurious setting on special occasions. These places provide the best food and wine pairings to draw a huge crowd at lunchtime on affordable prices. And, they have this custom to end every meal with an offering of cream-rich gelato. Talk to the expert chefs over here and you may discover that the cuisine is quite diverse in flavour while going from Sicily to Sardinia. It is difficult to decide on which is better when we compare the food of one region with another.

Exotic Food Served Just Right
The exotic meal served in Singapore comprises dishes like Risotto Al Funghi Porcini that is Arborio rice cooked in porcini mushrooms, parmesan cheese and white wine. This one is covered in cheesy base and can be enjoyed anytime you come here for a hearty meal. However, if you wish to try something different, search for Angel Hair Pasta in Italian Chilli Sauce that is served hot. Again, Tagliatelle al Tartufo is smooth homemade pasta with truffle cream sauce combining scallops and prawns.

Look for Specials of the Day
Anywhere you go, just pay attention to a dainty chalkboard which announces specials of the day prepared under the direct supervision of star chefs. Weekend specials, such as Lobster Linguine are offered at best Italian food restaurants in Singapore. If you love cream and cheese, enjoy Pappardelle Al Porcini E Parmigiano Con Crema and get immersed in creamy cheesy flavours.

For a Cheesy, Creamy Experience
However, a highly recommended choice is luscious and creamy, Risotto di Spinaci con Aragosta that makes you forget every taste. Have you ever ordered square pasta? If not, just go for Maltagliati alla Salsa di Aragosta prepared in lobster sauce. The popular spots to go for such delicious meal include Robertson Quay, Marina Bay Sands, Club Street and East Coast Road where people believe that every table needs attention. Some restaurants located here offer an unforgettable experience with renewing their menu every six months.

Get immersed in a lifetime moment as you get to savour your favourite Italian dishes on a food sojourn to this cosmopolitan city.

5 Reasons Having a Mobile Pizza Party Is the Best Idea Ever

Who says you can't serve pizza in your party? In fact, hiring a mobile pizza company to do the catering for your party is the best idea you can ever think of. Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider serving pizza on any party or get-together.

Why Pizza is the Best Party Food Ever

1. Everybody loves pizza 
Sure, caviar and steak made from Kobe beef may be some of the best and fanciest foods out there, but you don't see many people, kids specially, lining up for them. Pizza is just one of those rare foods that children and adults love equally. If your guests are a mix of people from different age groups, then it certainly is a must that you serve this all-time favourite.

2. Pizza is a great comfort food 
Many of us grew up eating pizza. In fact, many people consider it as their ultimate comfort food as this great Italian invention is often tied to some of our best and happiest memories.

3. You don't need fancy dinnerware to serve pizza
One of the best things about pizza is that you can eat it with your hands. Depending on the type of pizza you'll get, it is usually sturdy enough to hold in one hand and be eaten without using plates. Not only is this a huge money-saver (because you don't have to buy fancy dinnerware), it is quite convenient, too, because clean up is much easier later on.

4. Pizza is versatile 
One of the biggest challenges of organising a party is preparing food. After all, not everyone enjoy the same type of food. Then, there's also the issue of guests having food allergies and dietary restrictions. With pizza, however, you don't have to worry about that. Pizza is so versatile it can be modified to accommodate everyone's food quirks. Whether a guest is a vegan or is allergic to gluten, you don't have to feel overly concerned about them because you can ask the caterer to create a pizza just for them.

5. Pizza is always a great option, no matter what time it is 
No matter what time you're party is, pizza provides a perfect fit. Whether it's lunch, dinner, mid-afternoon snack, or even breakfast, pizza is always a delight to eat.

Have Your Own Pizza Party Now
Ditch the fancy food for your party. If you want to save money and make everyone happy, you should definitely have a pizza party.

A Trip To Italy Is Not The Only Place To Enjoy High Quality Meals

Often spaghetti and pasta comes to someones mind when they think about food with a taste of Italy. In reality, there is much more to discover to the dining experience. Yes, awesome pasta dishes are a major part of it, but it is far from all that an authentic Italy based restaurant has to offer its patrons.

Pasta dishes seem to bring out the Italy in any establishment that has it on the menu. Italians are known to make the best marinara and cheese sauces. What better to smother with those sauces that a large bowl of perfectly cooked pasta? Do not forget the Parmesan cheese and garlic bread to enhance the flavors. Bread sticks are a popular choice with all types of pasta and salads.

When trying foods of all types, try pairing them with a wine or other beverage to bring out flavors in not only the dinner, but the drink as well. Many servers and bartenders can help with the selections of wine that will go perfectly with the dish you have chosen. For example, white wine might pair well with a marinara while a dark wine enhances the flavor of a cheesy pasta.

Not only do restaurants offer pasta dishes with an Italian flare, some will continue the flavor fest with desserts that are commonly eaten in the country. Flaky pastries and delicate chocolates are a favorite among those that enjoy pleasing their palate. Gelato and cannoli are also a very popular choice among many patrons that enjoy the desserts.

There is another way to get the spicy food fix that is needed by so many. With the reach of the internet, online stores are now specializing in getting what you crave right to your home. Authentic products that help prepare meals can be ordered and shipped to your door. Chances are, these sites carry cook books to help explain how to get the best flavor from each product.

Some of these online stores send everything from olive oils and other cooking oils, pastas and breads as well as any sides and beverages you may find interesting and delicious. There are a few that offer gluten free and vegetarian versions of their products, as well. Giving a little flavor to anyone that craves anything pasta.

Having a cookbook that covers Italian cooking and procedures will help the decision as to what to order from an online store. There are certain techniques and produces that may need special attention as to when and how to add them to the recipe. Some pasta and pastries have a certain way that they have to be prepared in order for them to turn out right.

These Italian food stores are not very hard to find, just do a search online. Some are even based in Italy which will assure you are receiving authentic products. It can be a little intimidating to try to pick the right product for you but most online stores are happy to answer any questions you have about a certain product or procedure.

Wood Fired Pizza Restaurants Near Arab Street

If you are looking for some Italian fun on the streets of Singapore on your next vacation then it is time to hit Arab Street. Here, you may find eating options galore for a delightful indulgence every time you come for a meal. There are many wood fired pizza restaurants lining up Arab Street for which are ideal for your date, lunch, economy dinner, brunch, family gathering, business buffet or casual outings.

Be it any reason, you can always celebrate while enjoying food at any of these places like Cicheti, Pizza Face and Piedra Negra. Pick up anything from the menu and you may find that each one is equally delicious and mouth-watering. Visit Pizza Face where the most popular choices on the menu include dishes, such as Parma Ham with Bufala mozzarella, arugula and diced tomatoes.

Try the Pizza Face
Parma Ham is also served with rockets, which is a variation from the previous one because it is topped with ingredients like shaved provolone cheese and arugula salad. Another good choice picked up from the non-vegetarian menu can be Salami served with sautéed spinach and egg. For vegetarians, the place offers Vegantan Red Pizza that contains mixed mushrooms, grilled eggplant, zucchini, capsicum and red onions.

For Meat Lovers
A real treat comes served hot on table for meat lovers with ingredients - cooked ham, bacon, egg, salami and beef ragu in spicy BBQ tomato sauce. Pick up anything from small bites, salads, red pizza to calzone and pasta, you will come across varying innovations. Its white pizza tastes heavenly with options like Parma Ham with sweet fig, gorgonzola cheese, shredded parmigiano in balsamic vinegar glaze to try for.

If you wish to have the best pasta, go for Vedurine made with Penne in tomato sauce including vegetables and sautéed mixed mushrooms. Carbonara is a variety of spaghetti you find here prepared with smoked crisp bacon in egg yolk cream. Granchio is another culinary delight of linguine made up of crabmeat and wild rocket in pink mirin sauce.

Come to Cicheti
Order antipasti at Cicheti for lunch or main course for dinner, you will be surprised with the varieties it has to present. Here, the chef serves seafood stew with grey prawns, squid, clams and scallops in the main course for a fulfilling experience. Lunch means a hearty meal of Burratina with onion marmalade, toasted pistachio, beretta ham and pesto.

Apart from these, you can go places where the cooks experiment to offer unique preparations like Capricciosa containing mushrooms, Prosciutto Cotto, Taggiasca olives and artichokes. Search for the Italian cuisine restaurants on Arab Street and you will observe that people have acquired a taste for this particular dish often asked for.

Tips for Cooking Homemade Pasta Dishes Deliciously

It is one of the main "concerns" in the kitchen. We refer to cook pasta in point because who have not left him soft when I wanted to leave macaroni al dente? Or he thought the spaghetti is tender were running and then would have needed a little more cooking?

If you are wondering well with the times provided by the manufacturer on the packaging, you do not know if when the pasta is brilliant is that it is al dente or already past and, especially, if you are tired of burn your tongue tasting noodles to see if they are already cooked or have to leave a little more, do not miss our tips for cooking pasta well.

We are like that Italian grandmother we all want... but with fewer wrinkles. Let's go there!

  • Do not be sufficient water in the pan: in this way the dough will not stick and be well hydrated.
  • Eye salt: water cooking pasta should be salty, but not excessively. To calculate well, remember that you have to put a tablespoon for every two liters of water. If you cannot measure it by eyes, check the water bottle.
  • Add salt at the right time: to cook it well, you should put it when the water has broken to boil. Never before.
  • Oil to cook pasta? No, no to put it. No butter either. We tend to think that, in this way, the dough will not stick, but the real secret to prevent sticking is that there is enough water volume to cook pasta.
  • Time to toss the pasta to cook: you will do after putting salt and boiling water. It is the best way to not have to leave cooking longer runs the account and going.
  • And what if much stir the pasta? Well, besides make her dizzy, we can make it stick, deform, break or not cooked through. The pasta just has to remove it once, after having put in the pot.
  • The final trick: When the pasta is al dente (ie, with the center slightly without completely and retaining its shape), cooking will break pouring a glass of cold water.
  • Wait a little longer: we have the cooked pasta. Now... what do we do? Then turn off heat and wait a few seconds before straining. Of course, passing it under running cold water, or speak.
  • A round with the sauce: the touch of grace and taste when it comes to pasta and it depends on the dish is round. If it is hot, it should be ready for when we finish cooking the pasta and sauté in skillet 30 second. If it is warm or cold, it must always be tempered to the pasta.
  • And the cheese... what? Well cheese in question, the fact is we can do whatever we want. Of course, we must remember that strong flavors cheeses like Parmesan clogged eve